Three Accessories for Security Doors that Every Rural Homeowner Should Consider

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When you live in a rural area your security becomes more important. You may be in an area that is slightly further away from emergency responders or a police response team. This means that if an emergency, such as a home invasion, happens you could be waiting for a considerably longer time than those homeowners located in the city. With this in mind, your security doors need to be as durable and protective as possible.

This means having the door and the accessories that can help save you when you need them. Here are three accessories you should consider:

Security Camera Doorbells

One of the accessories that many homeowners are turning to is a security camera doorbells. This system allows the homeowner to see, through the use of an interior camera or their smartphone, who is at the door and what they are doing. You may be thinking that a peephole can serve that same purpose, but this particular camera doorbell goes a step further by allowing you to set an alarm that will signal your phone and let you view the person at your home even when you are away.

Some advanced models will allow you to take pictures as well so if a break in does occur, you have images of the bugler to give to police.

Foot Pedal Locks

If you have a patio door that children seem to unlock and step out of at a moments notice, then you know the value of having those doors secured. You also may want these doors to be easily secured in the event of a potential break-in or home invasion. A foot pedal lock may the be the ideal option for both of these issues. The lock is placed at the bottom of the doorway and can easily be activated by stepping on the pedal and letting it click into place.

These do require a bit more weight to get them to lock which is ideal if you have a small child and don't want the lock easily triggered. These pedal locks also do not require electricity and can be placed on any door or even windows. This will allow you added time to wait for emergency responders to arrive and to keep the potential burglar outside of the home.

Security Door Apps

There are several security door apps on the market that let you set alarms, alert your phone to possible intruders, watch your home remotely, and even change security door pass codes from remote locations. These are vital when you live in a rural area and may not be able to have a technician, locksmith, or security company arrive at your home quickly. These are also ideal if a potential break-in is about to occur and you need to stall the burglar by changing the pass codes or triggering an alarm from your phone.

These are just three of the security accessories you should consider if you live in a rural area. If you are ready to find out about other accessories that may help your home and the safety of your family, contact your local security door company today. To learn more, contact a company like