How White Boards Can Make Company Meetings More Effective

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Some employees may not be eager to attend staff meetings because those meetings may not present the employees with ways that they can be engaged in what is taking place. This article discuses some of the ways through which you can benefit from the use of white boards in staff meetings.

Save Time

Your meetings with members of staff can take a shorter duration if you start using white boards. This is because employees may no longer have to spend a lot of time copying the notes that have been written on a flipchart. Instead, the material on the white board can be saved and shared with staff members after the meeting. You will also save the time that you would have spent in the process of writing on a flipchart during your presentation.

Increase Attentiveness

Different people have different preferences regarding how they learn. Some learn best when they read a message. Others prefer to see graphics of what they are being taught. Others may learn better when they hear a message that is being delivered to them. A white board can give you an avenue to grab and retain the attention of all the staff members present. This is because the white board can accommodate all the preferred learning ways of different people. For instance, you can use a video to get the attention of those with a strong bias towards visual learning. Your voice can cater for the needs of those who lean towards auditory messages.

That versatility of the white board may make staff meetings more productive because everyone is likely to pay more attention to the proceedings.

Increase Collaboration

White boards make it possible for staff members to work in teams during meetings. For instance, you can divide the staff members into working groups tasked with brainstorming and finding solutions to different aspects of a challenge. Each team can make notes that will be viewed by others once the brainstorming session ends. Such sessions can even involve individuals who are not present at the meeting venue.

The extent to which white boards can improve how work is done in your company may only be limited by your imagination. Use the suggestions above as a way to motivate you to find other ways through which a white board can be integrated into other aspects at your company. You can also talk to white board suppliers for additional help in getting the best from your white boards.