How to Make Your Photocopier Part of Your Overall Office Security Plan

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It is necessary for you to have a comprehensive security plan for your office premises in order to safeguard your business assets, such as vital information about company products and clients. Some of the security measures that people take include installing CCTV cameras and locks that require one's fingerprint to be authenticated before you can enter the building. This article discusses how you can add another layer to the security plan of your office by focusing on the colour photocopier.

Wipe the Hard Drive

The first measure you should take is to wipe the data on the hard drive of your colour photocopier frequently, such as at the end of each month. This habit will reduce how much information is stored on that device. In this way, you will limit how much information can be accessed in case the photocopier is stolen during an office break-in. You should reformat that hard drive after wiping off the information that it had on it.

Disable all USB Ports

It may also be advisable for you to disable all the USB ports on your colour photocopier. This step will remove the possibility that an unauthorised person can insert a memory stick into a USB port in order to copy any information that has so far accumulated on the hard drive of the photocopier. Your employees can use their computers or networked devices to send any information that they would like to print and duplicate using the colour photocopier.

Use the "Follow Me" Print Function

Computers, copiers and other pieces of office equipment usually have a command that can be activated in order to prevent other people from accessing a document that has been sent to a shared copier for printing and duplication. Read the device manual so that you can learn how to use this function on your device in order to protect sensitive information, such as the financial information of your clients, from being accessed by persons who shouldn't access it.

Encrypt Documents and Use Passwords

It is also a good idea to encrypt all the information that is sent to the photocopier from a networked device. This can prevent hackers from accessing that information. You should also assign passwords to the different users of that colour photocopier. Those passwords will reduce the likelihood of unauthorised individuals accessing the copier and the data it contains. It will also be easier to trace where a data breach originated if you have an elaborate security system that protects all your networked office equipment.

Discuss the issues above with the technician servicing your photocopier. That expert will advise you about how you can secure your photocopier cost-effectively.