How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Being Connected to the NBN (National Broadband Network)

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Small businesses are always looking for new ways to compete with other businesses. Having access to fast internet speeds can help even out the playing field and allows small businesses to compete with their larger competitors. 

Access to a wider range of staff 

With fast internet speeds, you can have seamless video conferencing and affordable international phone calls. This means that you can access freelance and contract staff from all around the world, meaning you can access a wider range of staff than a small business has traditionally been able to hire. Using these resources allows you to offer your customers the best service at the lowest cost and maintain healthy profit margins. By accessing staff from around the world you can also often speed up the time it takes to complete projects as you can have people working on your projects in different time zones and the projects can progress as you sleep. 

Improved customer interactions

With improved internet services you can store all of your customer information on cloud-based data servers. This means you can access all of the customer records on the go so that you can provide better feedback and service to customers on the status of their orders, payment details and other useful information when contacted. This seamless customer service allows you to get out of the office more, whilst still giving customers an excellent  level. This can help to retain your existing customers and hopefully attract new customers by providing great customer service. 

Better internet connectivity also makes it easier to connect with your customers on social media, which is a growing source of interaction between customers and businesses. 

Access to new markets

Businesses in rural businesses have traditionally struggled with the consistency of their internet connections, which made it hard to access some of the new online marketplaces to list their products. These marketplaces can be extremely lucrative for businesses as they can open up extremely large markets and traditionally hard to access markets to any provider who can effectively list their products. That means that the barriers to entry for launching products into new markets is much lower. Access to a consistent and high-speed internet service through the NBN can allow you to use these marketplaces to grow your business into new and exciting directions. 

As you can see there is a range of exciting opportunities opened up for small businesses who connect to the NBN. If you want to explore the options for connecting your business to the NBN you should contact a local connection service